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Slovenian Quantum Communication Infrastructure Demonstration

Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) – SiQUID Slovenian Quantum Communication Infrastructure Demonstration

SiQUID will implement quantum key distribution (QKD) links between multiple government nodes in Slovenia and a test-bed quantum network between research institutions in Ljubljana for advanced quantum-communication protocols. The project will coordinate efforts with public and industrial stakeholders and will train key personnel, young researchers and engineers in quantum technology.

Moreover, the project partners will test advanced quantum communication protocols like measurement-device-independent QKD and the long-distance distribution of entanglement to further increase the security of QKD implementations, and to prepare the ground for a future full-fledged quantum communication network.

The project is in close contact with QCI initiatives in neighbouring countries to facilitate the harmonisation of the national efforts, and to facilitate future cross-border links and the implementation of the space segment of EuroQCI.

– University of Ljubljana, FMF (Coordinator)
– Jožef Stefan Institute
– Beyond Semiconductor (Beyond Semiconductor, raziskave in razvoj, d.o.o.)
– Government Information Security Office (Urad Vlade Republike Slovenije za informacijsko varnost)
– Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information (Urad Vlade Republike Slovenije za varovanje tajnih podatkov)