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Mbit/s-range alkali vapour spin noise quantum random number generators

Our paper on quantum random number generators was published in NPJ Quantum Technology!

In the paper, we explore spin noise based quantum random number generators. This type of quantum random number generators first appeared in 2008 and have since then garnered little further interest, in part because their bit rate is limited by the transverse relaxation time which for coated alkali vapour cells is typically in the kbit/s range. We present two advances. The first is an improved bit generation protocol that allows generating bits at higher rates with only a minor increase of serial correlations. The second is a significant reduction of the transverse relaxation time by removing the coating, increasing the vapour temperature and introducing a magnetic-field gradient. In this way we managed to increase the bit generation rate to 1.04 Mbit/s. We analyse the quality of the generated random bits using entropy estimation and we discuss the extraction methods to obtain high-entropy bitstreams. We accurately predict the entropy output of the device backed with a stochastic model and numerical simulations.

The article is available on EPJ Quantum Technol. 11, 11 (2024).