November 2015: We reached temperatures well below 1 microkelvin after the Raman sideband cooling stage! The Stern-Gerlach experiment demonstrates that the majority of atoms are in the mF=3 state. Below, a difference between 25 and 1 microkelvin is illustrated as observed in the time-of-flght experiments. Also the laser beams during different cooling stages are visualised.

September 28, 2015: Prof. Francesca Ferlaino and her Erbium group from Innsbruck visited our lab. Later we all attended the Workshop on Topological effects and synthetic gauge/magnetic fields for atoms and photons organised by Zagreb cold atoms group.


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September 2015: We are now capable of reaching temperatures below 10 microkelvin.

April 2015: An article about our Laboratory for cold atoms appeared in the daily newspaper Dnevnik (pdf).

March 2015: We have cold atoms! The current number of cesium atoms in the MOT is around 50 million atoms. Their temperature is well below mK as estimated by the release-and-catch method. 

February 2015: We are slowing down and cooling the cesium atomic beam in the Zeeman slower. The signal represents the atomic velocity distribution as a function of Zeeman slower magnetic field profile. The sharp peak on the left belongs to cooled atoms.