November 2013: Bakeout!


September 2013: We started the UHV system assembly. Custom-designed nonmagnetic MOT chamber with 2 x DN 200 CF, 12 x DN 40 CF and 4 x DN 16 CF viewports, was made of 316LN stainless steel by VAb GmbH.


June 2013: Gregor Bensa, a Faculty of Mathematics and Physics undergraduate student, began designing a laser shutter system for our cold atoms experiment. Two approaches will be followed, the hard disc mechanical shutter first developed at the University of Melbourne and the liquid crystal shutter based on a technology developed by Balder, a Slovenian optoelectronic company. Our main goal is reaching a maximum switching speed performance.


January 2013: Nejc Rosenstein, a Faculty of Mathematics and Physics postgraduate student, joined our team. He will design, build and test the Zeeman slower. Later he will focus on the characterisation of cesium beam and imaging of cold atom cloud.